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Check Processing

As a distributor for Hedman and Maverick, and a dealer for Certex, Widmer and Paymaster, we have a full line of equipment to meet the needs of most companies when it comes to check processing. Manual and electronic check protectors from Paymaster and Hedman; check signers from Hedman and Certex; endorsers from Hedman and Maverick; certifiers from Widmer, encoders and processors from Maverick.  Please contact us for the right machine for the right job.

Check Writers

Check writers quickly print and embosses numbers and symbols on personal & business checks. A check writer saves time over handwriting checks and helps prevent forgery.

Check Signers

Check signers save time by feeding checks through an automatic signer capable of signing hundreds of checks at a time. Security features are built into the check signers that prevent unauthorized access. Check Signers can handle single. double or triple signatures. Check Signers can also be used as check endorsers.

Check Encoders

Whether you are encoding Exception Items at the point-of-entry, or performing Batch or Proof processing (P.O.D.), Maverick MICR encoders enable you to save time, money, and improve float & customer service. Our encoders have flexible applications that allow you to process checks your way and most models offer management reports which provides you with the control you demand.


Used to imprint a signature or stamp the back of checks with banking or deposit information.


About A.B.M.

ABM offers an extensive line of business equipment. We are presenting a sampling of the type of machinery we sell, service and export. If you have any questions or do not see the exact item you are looking for, please contact one of our representatives
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