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Coin & Currency Counters

We carry a full line of Coin, Currency and Counterfeit detection devices. We feature Hedman, Magner, Scan Coin, Lynde Ordway and some generic brands of equipment. We have equipment for both the U.S. and foreign markets. We sell a low cost, highly effective, counterfeit detector that works on currency, traveler's checks and credit cards. Please contact us for pricing.

Currency Counters

We carry various money handling machines to count, batch, sort, add, denominate and protect currency bills. Whether you need a money counter for occasional use or for everyday high volume, let us provide your company or institution the best money handling solution for your business application.

Coin Counters/Sorters

For quick and easy counting of coins or tokens, we have a varied line of coin counters to choose from. All of them can handle any denomination of coins such as US coins, including the golden dollar, the EURO and many others. They are primarily used to count sorted coins into bags or into paper wrappers (requires optional tubes), these versatile coin counters can even be used to sort low volumes of mixed coins.

Counterfeit Detectors

As you might know today's technology is so advanced that counterfeit money and credit cards are increasing every day. Without the possession of these devices you and your business are at risk of being paid with counterfeit money. Our Products will provide you with protection against fake money.

About A.B.M.

ABM offers an extensive line of business equipment. We are presenting a sampling of the type of machinery we sell, service and export. If you have any questions or do not see the exact item you are looking for, please contact one of our representatives
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