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We specialize in post press equipment. In other words, everything you do with paper after it's been printed. We sell Folders (small desktop to floor model air-feed equipment), Folder/inserters, Creasers, Papercutters, Trimmers, Collators, Bookletmakers, Joggers, Bursters, Decollators, Perforators, and assorted other items and supplies. Please contact us for further information and pricing.


Our cutter line offers flexibility based on your needs. You can have a powerful cutter with a manual back gauge and clamp, or you can get a unit that is fully programmable to handle the toughest of print finishing jobs.


Tabletop folders offer the perfect combination of speed, precision, and ease of use, making them ideally suited for small offices, schools, and corporate environments. Automatic programmable models store fold programs in memory and can be set up to run at the touch of a button. Desktop inserters are capable of collating, folding and inserting multiple documents into an envelope as well as sealing it shut. Creasers allow documents printed on heavy or coated stock to be creased prior to folding, creating a crisper, more accurate fold with no cracking.


Continuous Form Bursters are used to separate or "break apart" continuous feed business forms or computer paper at the horizontal perforation. Decollators are used to separate multi-part continuous forms prior to being run through a Burster. Decollators are commonly used to separate anywhere from two to six-part forms in one pass.


These easy-to-use machines will take a stack of paper, fold it and staple it along the spine. This is the most effective way to create pamphlets, reports, booklets and newsletters. Our booklet makers and staplers are automated and require little manual work. When interfaced with a collator, the entire booklet making process can be streamlined.


As the fastest way to mark multi-documents, perforators can mark thousands of pages per hour - without a skip or miss. Variable dates & numbers can be set in seconds. Secure method of punching holes in documents...perfect Document Control for Invoices, Checks, Bills, Stock Certificates, Pass Books, etc.

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ABM offers an extensive line of business equipment. We are presenting a sampling of the type of machinery we sell, service and export. If you have any questions or do not see the exact item you are looking for, please contact one of our representatives
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