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Document Destruction - "Shred at the Source"

MBM Destroyit is the largest selling line of office shredders in the world. Manufactured in Germany by Ideal, there are 20 different models from small deskside to large conveyor models; either strip-cut, cross-cut, or super micro-cut. We also sell and service other brands to include Dahle, Fellowes, GBC, Intimus, Rexel, Shredex and Wilson Jones. Please contact us for pricing and to determine the correct machine for your needs.


Compact enough to keep beside the desk, these size shredders are designed for personal use and are ideal for shredding less then 100 sheets of paper per day. Credit card receipts, credit card offers and other personal information should always be shredded in order to prevent identity theft.  Can also take staples and paper clips.


Placed beside a copier, these models will stop information leaks before they can start.  All roll easily on casters for convenient sharing among offices.


Office model shredders are heavy duty, high volume machines specifically designed to shred large amount of material daily.  Ideally, they are positioned in a common area, such as next to a copier or fax, and shared by a number of employees.  Centralized, "at the source" shredding is more secure and cost-effective than using an outside shredding service.

High Capacity

More secure and cost effective than using an outside shredding service, these models provide security for an entire floor or facility.  Bound legers, ring binders, stacks of printouts, storage media such as VHS tapes and CD's-even entire wastebasket contents can be fed into these powerful shredders.

High Security

Approved for Top Secret level government use, including Department of Defense and NSA, these model produce Super Micro-Cut shred size.

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